The joys and woes of a TV-series junkie and her binging

I am admittedly a TV-series junkie. It is my drug of choice. I crave the complete immersion into a fictional universe for some reason. I wish to be engulfed. I actively hope to care too much about the life choices of fictional characters. I love being involved – simply put I love being a fan. I thrive whenever I find a new show to obsess over. A new show that I can binge on with such intensity that Netflix feels the need to enquire whether I’m still awake and with them…of course I am, I’m totally there! There’s no place else I’d rather be. I’m binging on a new show and I can’t slow down or stop, even when I see the end approaching and the inevitable episode drought on the horizon. Because TV-shows end, or they are caught up on, so you’re forced to wait months on end for the next chapter of a story, that has so far only been experienced in one gloriously engulfing concentrated period of time.

That’s the problem with binging. It encourages the complete immersion in one show. Suddenly it is only that universe and those people that I have any interest in following. I may have five shows on the back burner but the place I really want to go to has no new offerings. I’ve already burned through it all in a shockingly short amount of time. Luckily, or frighteningly depending on how you look at it, there’s usually a new show to dive into. A new series to binge and obsess over, while waiting for a new season. New characters, situations and universes just waiting to fill the hole left behind by the definitive ending of a much beloved series.

And so it is that I (along with countless other TV fans I’m sure) am always on the lookout. Attempting to avoid those middling moments where no show is truly able to grab your attention and devotion. Where an evening’s TV-entertainment may end up being purely background noise, while attempting to make it to level one hundred and something in Candy Crush.
I imagine that quite a lot of space on this blog will be taken up by me sharing my thoughts and experiences of those shows, that make me forego any second-screen viewing experience because they absolutely crave my complete attention. I’ll be sharing my ‘current obsessions’ as well as diving into the archives reliving those ‘old flames’ I just keep coming back to. I hope you’ll join me in this continuous exploration of new and old tv obsessions.


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  1. DeeAndra says:

    Great post! I look forward to reading your reviews and possibly sharing binging ideas (: Welcome to WordPress


    1. Thank you! I’m excited to begin this new blogging adventure 🙂


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