Blooming lovely April TV

The month of April has commenced and so it is time to look ahead to the blooming TV landscape that will soon be readily available, alongside the sprouting flowers and green-leaved trees outside. Have no doubt, that I will be celebrating the coming of spring and its warmer days by staying indoors and getting reacquainted with a few much missed TV shows, returning this month to a screen closely located near my couch.

Fear the Walking Dead
Season 2, premieres 10th of April on AMC

More walkers! Walkers at sea! Walkers in every port! They’re on a boat! *insert scream emoticon*

I firmly believe “The Walking Dead” to be one of the finest dramas on TV these past few years, so when this spin-off began last year, I was thrilled to see the universe expanding in new directions.

With only six episodes in its first season I thought the show did a good job of establishing itself as independent of its mother show. It burst on to the screen with a unique visual style and approach to the zombie-infested apocalyptic family drama.

Some critiqued the show for being too slow and lacking in zombies but I appreciated the quiet drama of the first six episodes. Having now established a rag-tag family-unit of survivors, I look forward to the inevitable action explosion and continued emotional tribulations, that I’m confident the 15-episode second season will deliver.

3 main things I’m hoping and excited to see:

  • Everyone becoming fierce zombie killers. Unlike “The Walking Dead”, where we see most characters already hardened to the environment and Rick already somewhat familiar with violence and tough decision-making through his pre-apocalypse work as a sheriff’s deputy, “Fear the Walking Dead” allows us access to how ‘ordinary people’ must adapt to this new violent and bloody world in order to survive. However macabre it may seem, I look forward to seeing each character react emotionally to their first zombie kills. Hopefully the show allows for an exploration of the slow but tangible distancing from ones own humanity, which such acts inevitably require.
  • Sibling dynamics. One of the first season’s strongest points in my opinion was the relationship between Nick (Frank Dillane) and Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey). The contrasts in their personalities, the shared emotional bond and unconditional sibling love and care between the two, was beautifully portrayed in small but poignant scenes. I hope to see more of these two interacting and relating to each other.
  • How the, as of yet, still pretty mysterious Strand will fit into the dynamic of the group.

The first half of the second season will air this spring, while we’ll have to endure a summer break before the last half airs as part of the fall TV schedule.

Orphan Black
Season 4, premieres 14th of April on BBC America

Poster Art by Jeff Langevin,,

I prefer to know as little as possible when entering a new season of this crazy clone show. “Orphan Black” has many strengths, first and foremost its ability to continually create new and engaging characters. Tatiana Maslany continues to amaze in all her clone-acting glory and imbues each clone with a distinct feel and personality. How much crazier can it all get? What new clones will amaze us this year? And is Delphine really truly dead? (I’m still holding out hope for that last one to not be true…)

3 main things I’m hoping and excited to see:

  • Alison. I hope to see Alison a bit more connected to the main story this season. As one of the most fascinating and surprising characters on the show, I felt she drifted a bit in the 3rd season. Although she has always provided the comic relief for the show I felt this strain in her story was taken too far in season 3. Hopefully the wonderful balance of comedy and drama in the writing of Alison’s character seen in the first and second season is recaptured in this new season.
  • New clones and the return of briefly seen ‘old’ clones.
  • The future development of the relationship between Mrs. S. and Sarah. This fraught mother-daughter relationship has always been at the emotional core of the show, culminating in season three. I am beyond excited to see the unique family-unit of Mrs. S., Sarah, and Felix develop further on their future adventures.

Bonus: Please don’t let Delphine be dead, Please don’t let Delphine be dead, Please don’t let Delphine be dead…

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Season 2, premieres 15th of April on Netflix

I need more sunshine, flowery pants and pinot noir in my life and it seems I’ll be getting plenty on April 15th.

It took me a surprising number of episodes to truly get hooked on “Kimmy Schmidt” in the first season. I loved the theme song, the weird premise, the sentiment, the actors, and the characters but for some reason it just wasn’t particularly binge-worthy…until it suddenly was. I can’t even remember a specific episode but at some point Kimmy and Titus crawled their way into my heart, and I miss having their strange, hilarious, and heart-warming friendship in my life. Luckily, THEY ALIVE DAMMIT! and returning with a whole new batch of episodes.

3 main things I’m hoping and excited to see:

  • More Titus Andromedon life lessons. I’ll be sitting with my pencil poised ready to take down notes.
  • More Carol Kane as the gloriously strange landlord Lillian Kaushtupper.
  • More unstoppable optimism and joy, ‘cause most shows seem adverse to happiness and good times and I need a little happy once in a while.

Season 5, premieres 24th of April on HBO

Frighteningly enough, the egocentric Selena suddenly seems like an okay candidate with upstanding morals in today’s political climate.

Without a doubt the best political satire on TV right now. The cast is amazing, the insults are jaw-dropping, the burns are third-degree, and the jokes are fast and slick.
I don’t have 3 main things I’m looking forward to with this one. I’m just plain ol’ excited for the whole thing. Just keep doing what you’re doing “Veep” and everything will be smooth-sailing and fine. A few well placed satirical allegories to the current US political situation would of course be appreciated. I have little doubt Veep will deliver, and will as always be cutting through the bullshit with its razor-sharp humour.

Game of Thrones
Season 6, premieres 24th of April on HBO

Remember all their faces..lah di da di dah….oops wrong theme song.

Full disclosure: I am by no means the biggest fan of “Game of Thrones”. If I didn’t have some buddies to watch it with, I probably would have dropped the show a couple of seasons back. I don’t get obsessed with the storytelling, shocked by the deaths, and pissed with the screen time allocation. I’m simply not invested enough to get too riled up about it. I do however enjoy it as a group-viewing experience. It’s a show that thrives on the collective oohing and aahhing prompted by extreme happenings in a large-scale fantasy world. Oh, and there are dragons, ice zombies, and giants too…now those I do enjoy quite A LOT!

3 main things I’m hoping and excited to see:

  • I’m still wondering where Gendry went off to in his little row boat. I’d like to see the return of this bastard son.
  • I live to see Brienne of Tarth making friends. I am beyond excited for the possibility of Brienne saving Sansa and taking her under her wing. They would make a kick-ass team and I will be sorely disappointed if this does not happen.
  • Speaking of Sansa, I’m excited to see her character’s continued development as well as the return of Theon. The poor boy has been suffering too long in the shadow of Reek.

In conclusion: April is gonna be good!


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