Top 5 films featuring women loving women – celebrating Pride month

Besides the coming of summer, June is also Pride month celebrating LGBTQ+ culture. I feel like this year in particular, we’ve all been tragically reminded of how important it is to defend and embrace the celebration of Pride worldwide. To keep on living and loving openly and proudly so.

In the spirit of this I thought I’d share with you my top 5 films centred on the age-old story of girl meets girl. Without further ado I present you with my picks:

  • Imagine me & you (2005, Ol Parker) {UK}

The British rom-com we all deserve. Funny, sweet, and with a lovable cast including Lena Headey, Piper Perabo, Matthew Goode, and even Giles from Buffy as the confused but good-natured father of Piper Perabo’s Rachel.


On her wedding day, Rachel meets Lucy the florist and the unstoppable force of their love-at-first-sight-story commences. I in particular appreciate that this film doesn’t try to paint anyone as villains despite revolving around a messy love triangle situation. It is after all incredibly awkward to fall in love with someone who is not the groom, while walking down the aisle on your wedding day. This is nonetheless what happens to Rachel and the added twist of it being with a woman is sensitively dealt with throughout. Imagine me & you is filled with great lines and an undeniable sweetness that only the most cynical of hearts would be able to resist. It is also home to what I believe to be one of the most romantic exchanges ever:

Lucy: “Don’t forget me”, Rachel: “I won’t remember anything else”

That sound in the background is me knocking over a chair while swooning..


  • Circumstance (2011, Maryam Keshavarz) {Iran}


In the more heavy-hearted end of the scale you’ll find this breathtakingly beautiful Iranian film. Forbidden love and oppression are the order of the day. Atafeh and Shireen are best friends living in Tehran but from vastly different social classes. Atafeh’s family is wealthy, while Shireen is an orphan with no social standing. As they both become aware of their evolving romantic feelings towards each other, they must navigate their illicit sexual awakenings in an oppressive society. The romantic drama becomes a tense thriller as Atafeh’s recovering drug addict brother returns to the family, seduced by religious extremism and taking an interest in the now grown-up Shireen.

Filmed in Lebanon and banned in Iran, Circumstance is a brave piece of filmmaking from all those involved. Gorgeously shot with deep emotional resonance.


  • Saving Face (2004, Alice Wu) {US}


From director Alice Wu comes this sweet dramedy delving into the cultural complexities of a Chinese-American mother-daughter relationship.

Wil is a young doctor who does not dare come out to her mother as a lesbian, convinced that her mother will not be understanding due to a traditional Chinese upbringing. Wil and her mother’s strained relationship is turned upside-down when it is revealed that the 48-year old unmarried widowed mother is pregnant. Wil must open up her home to her mother who has been kicked out onto the streets by Wil’s elderly conservative grandparents. This, of course, complicates Wil’s closeted life, especially as she begins to fall for the openly gay and unapologetically vibrant Vivian.

Wil and her mother are forced to get to know each other anew. Break through the doubts and insecurities that have dominated and stifled their relationship until now. Dare to live truthfully in each other’s presence, sharing their feelings and themselves honestly with each other – a feat that demands great courage from both women.

Saving Face is a wonderfully witty, culturally specific, and emotionally complex drama showing the very human wish to have the support of those nearest and dearest to us, without judgment on our crooked journeys through love and life.


  • Kyss mig (2011, Alexandra-Therese Keining) {Sweden}

kiss_me_kyss_mig_posterThe Swedish rom-com you never knew you needed. Another beautifully shot film with a witty script and a romance so intense and root-worthy, you’ll be bouncing in your seat with pure excitement, whenever the two main characters Mia and Frida share a scene.

Mia is engaged to be married to her business partner and long-time boyfriend Tim. At her father’s engagement party a wrench is thrown into her carefully controlled life, when she meets Frida, the daughter of her soon-to-be stepmom, and she finds herself instantly attracted to the free-spirited woman. The attraction between Frida and Mia is too strong to resist for the both of them.

Experience the passionate longing stares, the electrical ‘accidental’ touches, and be moved by the joyful exuberance felt by Mia and Frida as they unintentionally fall in love.

Funny, sexy, and involving rom-com with a dash of drama to keep things tense.

  • D.E.B.S. (2004, Angela Robinson) {US}

Pure camp fun! This film is so wonderfully ridiculous, over the top, and delightfully crazy. I love it!


D – Discipline

E – Energy

B – Beauty

S – Strength

All great and classic spy qualities, which in abbreviated form stand for the paramilitary spy academy, whose top students are on a mission to bring down supervillain Lucy Diamond (Jordana Brewster). Among them Amy Bradshaw (Sara Foster), the only student to have gotten a perfect score on her spy aptitude test – the leader of the group.

When the perfect super-spy in training meets the beautiful and ingenious supervillain, romantic sparks will naturally fly.

D.E.B.S. gives you a fabulously outrageous tale of star-crossed lovers with the added delight of crazy gadgets, spy traps and self-aware camp humour.

Those were my picks. Feel free to share your faves in the comments. Recommendations for more films to watch always needed and gratefully received. Happy viewing everybody!


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  1. Mariza says:

    Cool list! I enjoyed your post 🙂 Have you ever shared this on any movie sites?


    1. Astrid Marie says:

      Thank you! Glad you liked it 🙂 And no I’ve only posted it on here so far.


      1. Mariza says:

        You’re welcome! If you’re interested, I’d like to help you get seen on Moviepilot. For more information email me at 🙂


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