Tax the stupid people!! – A fond look back at Absolutely Fabulous, episode 2×05 “Poor”

Me and Absolutely Fabulous, or AbFab, go way back. The comedic genius of writer and creator Jennifer Saunders has been an integral part of my childhood, as a staple of quality TV comedy.


Stand by Me (1986, Rob Reiner) – Adventure and bittersweet nostalgia

As I was watching Stand by Me, I very quickly understood why it has become such a beloved classic. This tale of four best friends, who over two days in the summer of ’59 seek to find the dead body of a local boy, is both slightly absurd, simple, and surprisingly moving.

Forever an unapologetic Lost apologist – a season one retrospective

Confession: I love Lost. Not just the first few seasons, I love Lost seasons one through six. I love the series finale, feel no resentment towards the ending we were given, and felt thoroughly satisfied when I first experienced those emotional character reunions, that comprise the final chapter of this ambitious, crazy, innovative series.