Weekly obsessions; TV & Podcast recommendations

Below are three things you should consider joining me in watching and listening to this week:

  • TV: Jane the Virgin – Late to the party and binging on season one

Ever since Jane the Virgin first premiered two television seasons ago, I knew it would be a show to my liking. The first season has finally become available on my region’s Netflix roster and this past weekend had me taking the plunge into the bright faux telenovela universe of the CW’s Jane the Virgin.

Jane the virgin

Netflix’ algorithm was correct in projecting that I would love this feel-good show. It is utterly addictive with its loveable characters, moving storylines, high drama campiness, and emotional resonance. The premise is wonderfully absurd with Jane accidentally being artificially inseminated by an emotionally distraught doctor, who also happens to be the sister of the man behind the sperm used. It only gets more insane from there on out, but the show never loses its grounding with believable characters going on resonant emotional journeys, despite the flamboyance that surrounds them.

Anyone who loves strong and diverse characters, want their shows to be driven by a positive and genuinely good hearted lead, and appreciate a brilliant balance of dramatic and comedic indulgence, can safely pick up the show and join me in a game of catch-up.

Season three premieres on October 17th, so we all have plenty of time to join the party.

  • TV: Fear the Walking Dead – Back and better than ever, with the back half of its second season

The zombie spinoff show continues in an encouraging manner having now split up the main group into three separate survival units.


Nick continues on his lonesome road of seduction by Mexican cults, weirdly comfortable and familiar with the roaming dead. Madison and Strand keep on developing their tentative friendship with the possibility of becoming badass partners in the apocalypse. Both challenge the other with equal amounts of sass and swag and their interactions are becoming increasingly delicious. Alicia seems to be growing up and becoming a kickass survivor, full of vigour and thirst for proving her independence, while Ofelia is slightly more worse for wear if not dangerously close to being suicidal. The development of the two young women’s yin and yang approach to the end of the world will be an interesting battle of wills to watch out for. Can Alicia convince Ofelia to fight for another sunrise in the broken remnants of their leftover world? We have yet to check in with Travis and Chris, but this Sunday we’ll be wiser to how (in)sane Chris actually is and how the frayed father/son-bond is faring.

This second half continues to carve out a distinct identity for Fear, with its slow paced, character-driven drama, complimented by breathtaking cinematography in Mexican surroundings. Next episode also seems to promise quite a lot of zombie-action, which I look forward to.

  • PODCAST: My Dad Wrote a Porno – Podcast hilarity

Three friends, Jamie, James and Alice, one of whose dad wrote an erotic novel series, gather around reading said book, chapter by ridiculous chapter adding sidesplittingly funny commentary along the way.

Belinda Blinked by Rocky Flintstone is quickly becoming a beloved (non)literary classic. Warm banter between friends, the cringeworthy prose of Rocky (aka Jamies’ dad), and occasional surprise celebrity guests make this podcast a must-hear.


Fair warning though; may cause involuntary laughter and snorting, so probably not appropriate for public transportation consumption.


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