Quick thoughts on that Walking Dead premiere

Disappointed is an apt description for what I felt immediately after having watched the season 7 opener of one of my absolutely favourite on-going shows.


Top 5 episodes of Supergirl season 1

Supergirl is back on our screens, so why not look back and reminisce on the top 5 episodes of season one.

Fear the Walking Dead season 2 review

After a six episode appetizer in season one, Fear the Walking Dead returned in 2016 with 15 episodes to its sophomore season. 15 episodes to familiarize us with the characters, 15 episodes to build allegiances, and 15 episodes to turn the patchwork Manawa-Clark family into a zombie-fighting, apocalypse-surviving unit.

The return of Transparent – A simple moment of pure love

I never needed reminding, but one scene in the second episode of Transparent’s third season managed to highlight my love of TV and reimburse my belief in this wonderful medium’s emotionally resonant storytelling abilities. It may sound lofty and overblown to credit one simple scene with such power and influence but it is nonetheless an honest account of my reaction to watching it.