Welcome to PopCultureChatterbox!

A personal blog where me, a young woman in her twenties, will aim to dissect, promote, reflect on and just generally ponder the media experiences that make me think, feel, cry, laugh and shout out loud.

Simply put, I love stories! And I am crazy excited about the boundless brilliance of so many stories told in tv-series and film, currently as well as in the past. Above all I love stories that move you towards involvement. Those stories that introduce you to characters that you would defend passionately, no matter how wrong their actions may seem. Stories that prompt you to (re)consider your own path, your own truth. Stories that broaden the mind, gift you with a glimpse inside of a different reality and challenge your preconceptions. Stories that move you in one way or another and stories that entertain, especially when you can’t quite seem to figure out why.

I aim to be broad and open in my film and tv interests and explorations – my love of British social realism is equally matched by my love of disaster movies, and I’ll speak passionately about “The Wire” one moment while enthusing my pure enjoyment of “Smallville” the next. I hope you’ll join me in sparking up some involved and engrossing conversations on all things film and tv, with the occasional musings on books, comics, and video games that likewise engage me along my travels through pop culture consumption.


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