Top 5 episodes of Supergirl season 1

Supergirl is back on our screens, so why not look back and reminisce on the top 5 episodes of season one.


Weekly obsessions; TV & Podcast recommendations

Below are three things you should consider joining me in watching and listening to this week:

A tribute to Lexa kom Trikru

The iconic Commander Lexa of the Grounders has graced our screens for the last time with a brief appearance on last week’s season three finale of The 100. As soft as she was fierce, as brutal as she was merciful this is one supporting character, whose impact will be felt far beyond the show she appeared on.

Gleefully chomping away on the 2nd season of Fear the Walking Dead

Three episodes into the second season of Fear the Walking Dead and it’s beginning to get really good. It took a little time finding its feet and taking that illusive leap from ‘okay’ to ‘excitement-inducing good’, but with its latest episode (2×03 “Ouroboros”) Feartwd managed to do so for me.

Blooming lovely April TV

The month of April has commenced and so it is time to look ahead to the blooming TV landscape that will soon be readily available, alongside the sprouting flowers and green-leaved trees outside. Have no doubt, that I will be celebrating the coming of spring and its warmer days by staying indoors and getting reacquainted…

The joys and woes of a TV-series junkie and her binging

I am admittedly a TV-series junkie. It is my drug of choice. I crave the complete immersion into a fictional universe for some reason. I wish to be engulfed. I actively hope to care too much about the life choices of fictional characters. I love being involved – simply put I love being a fan….